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Educational Activities, Outreach and Presentations
The purpose of the Jefferson County Department of Health (JCDH) Watershed Protection Division outreach activities is to increase public awareness of litter, water pollution sources, and pr100_0107.jpgoper Best Management Practices (BMPs) installation. Listed below are some of the educational outreach activities for students and/or concerned citizens in which JCDH is currently involved :
Educational Programs
  • Classroom demonstrations and presentations on aquifers, watersheds, stormwater runoff, non-point source, and point source pollution.
  • Water Wars Activity Game- a team competition similar to the Family Feud game testing participants’ knowledge on various categories including aquifers, stormwater runoff, non-point source, and point source pollution.
  • Hydrologic Wheel- an interactive game testing participants’ knowledge with a series of water trivia questions related to the water cycle, watersheds, stormwater runoff, and non-point source pollution.
  • EnviroScape- a hands-on demonstration for kids that illustrates the importance of the water cycle, stormwater runoff, and pollution prevention to waterways
  •  No Waste at My Place- an activity sheet educating elementary students on litter and waste contamination in storm water runoff that could enter storm drains or streams. Copy of StormWater 037.jpg
Attention Educators and Concerned Citizens
If your school, civic organization, church, or environmental group resides in one of the  following cities:
            Adamsville                 Brighton                        Brookside
            Center Point              Clay                               Fairfield  
            Gardendale                Homewood                  Hueytown       
            Irondale                      Leeds                            Lipscomb
            Maytown                    Midfield                         Mulga
            Mountain Brook         Pinson                          Pleasant Grove
            Tarrant                       Trussville                      Vestavia Hills
and would like a representative to speak on one of the above educational outreach activities, please contact or e-mail Jonika Smith. 
Jonika Smith
Environmental Health Specialist
Jefferson County Department of Health
Office Number:  558-2103