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About Us

The Jefferson County Department of Health Watershed Protection Division was formed in June 2010 to address the need to manage storm water runoff and eliminate sources of water pollution from the 22 members of the Storm Water Management Authority, Incorporated (SWMA).
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The Division is funded by the $5.00/yr residential and $15.00/yr commercial Storm Water Fee imposed to each property within the 22 members. The money is then used to provide the following services throughout the members:
  1. Managing of water quality– done by a combination of sampling and in-stream monitoring.
  2. Improving of water quality—streams, creeks, and rivers throughout Jefferson County have been impacted by urban runoff and various other factors. The goal of the members is to provide comprehensive strategies to improve each of these waterways. Click here for the list of Alabama 303(d) impacted streams in your community.
  3. Investigating spills or illegal dumping– inspectors are sent out to investigate complaints on dumping of pollutants and other chemicals into our local waterways.
  4. Enforcing construction ordinances to protect water quality– inspect all construction activities within the members for sediment and other harmful pollutants leaving sites and entering waterways.
  5. Educating residents on pollution prevention– provide education and training to both school and residential organizations on the importance of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect water quality.