​                  Valley Creek at Pleasant Grove


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The mission of the JCDH Watershed Protection Division is to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by protecting and enhancing the water quality of the members of Storm Water Management Authority, Inc. The following members are served by the Program:
            Adamsville                  Brighton                      Brookside
            Center Point               Clay                             Fairfield  
            Gardendale                Graysville                    Homewood                  
            Hueytown                     Irondale                      Leeds                         
            Lipscomb                    Maytown                     Midfield                        
            Mulga                           Mountain Brook         Pinson                         
            Pleasant Grove           Tarrant                        Trussville
            Vestavia Hills
to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) requirements for storm water compliance. The program mainly focuses on six components:
Public Education - has been recognized as a pivotal foundation for improving water quality through  providing citizens with information on pollution prevention and water quality benefits. JCDH has developed brochures and sources of information on how citizen's can  prevent pollution at home, work, or school.
Public Participation - giving citizens the opportunities to get involved in their local Storm Water Program through local watershed committees, serving on environmental boards,  or getting involved in volunteer water quality testing.
Water Quality Protection - protecting waterways through monitoring, inspecting of industrial sources, and formulating progressive strategies that stop pollution from reaching our streams.
Construction Site Erosion and Sedimentation Control - controlling of construction site runoff is a vital piece of the Storm Water Program because it limits sediment and other pollutants from reaching waterways and causing impairments. The preventative method currently taken by the members of the Storm Water Management Authority, Inc. is to use inspections and plan reviews to limit the likelihood of sediment and other pollutants leaving construction sites
Watershed Improvement -  developing a comprehensive plan  to improve impaired waterways and to protect other valuable water resources within the member cities.
Monitoring - sampling and trending of water quality data to show waterways past and present status. Ecosystem monitoring is also of valuable concerns in that it shows the health of the local aquatic community.